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Playing with the legendary Earl Gardner from the Saturday Nigt Live Band today at “A Bronx Tale” today!

Jason Jackson, and Earl Gardner At A Bronx Tale in NYC

All weekend I get to play with the legendary Earl Gardner at A Bronx Tale on Broadway in NYC. I also  get to dust off the tuba and play some sweet baselines in the book.


Looking forward to subbing in the pit orchestra for Bronx Tale on Broadway in New York City

Looking forward to subbing in the pit orchestra for A Bronx Tale on Broadway in New York City. Getting ready for that tuba part with some low long tones. Wheee!!!

A Bronx Tale and The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

a Bronx tale
A Bronx Tale
doubles this week
Doubles this week

Today is a busy day.  Up early to fix breakfast for the family and clean the kitchen and get ready for two completely different gigs today.

First, I am excited to be back at “A Bronx Tale” on Broadway for the matinee today in NYC. The book requires a trombone and tuba double so I’ve been practicing the instruments together for the past few days.

Then, tonight I continue playing the week at the Village Vanguard which continues tonight with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra for our 51st Anniversary. I am blessed for these opportunities.